Endsleigh Park | Protecting Your Investment
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Protecting Your Investment

There will be development controls on dwelling construction. In addition to the controls set by the Hastings District Council for heights, building envelopes etc… each design will need to fit within:


  • Guidelines set out in relation to the specific H.D.C subdivision consent for buildings and landscaping in this special character zone.
  • Guidelines set internally within Endsleigh Park in regards to site-specific design and contemporary sustainable building practice.


In this instance there will be a control panel consisting of the developer, landscape architect, and a local architect to guide purchasers through the consent process.

High standards in urban design


A comprehensive set of urban design guidelines will be put in place and managed to protect the building aesthetic. This ensures that all who build within Endsleigh Park have the same commitment to maintaining high standards.

Typically the lots offer abundant inspiration for split–level dwelling and provide fascinating opportunities for imaginative design to take advantage of the commanding views.  The aesthetic intentions are to build with the land contours as much as possible without modifying them.


There is also a strong commitment to achieve within each house design, a dwelling which achieves high standards in energy efficiency with good insulation, passive heating, cross ventilation, double glazing, etc.


Efficiency of water use incorporated at the design phase is also encouraged. One requirement of the consent is for each lot to have a concealed 10-20,000 litre water tank for storm-water capture and there are numerous ways this asset can be utilised in the design. However all lots will also have high pressure town water supply as well.


Consideration is encouraged also to be given to the quality of building materials, especially in relation to their longevity, environmental sustainability and aesthetic.