Endsleigh Park | The Environment
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The Environment

In working out the initial layout of the subdivision, at the design phase, special attention was given to retain the specific (and permanently protect) environmental characteristics unique to this site. Potential wetlands enhanced, revegetation of steeper slopes (25,000 native species planted), natural habitats retained etc.


The site comprises three low lying ridges and associated valleys, and is heavily planted with a mix of indigenous and exotic trees. This planting, much of which is reaching maturity, is used as a framework to integrate the development, and is supplemented with additional planting chosen to enhance both rural character and residential amenity.


The lots are distributed around the site, with combination of clusters in elevated areas offering spectacular views, and paired or individual lots at lower levels integrated into the valley walls.


A new road provides entry from Endsleigh Drive, and extends up to the top of the site with minimal contour modification. Private access ways to the various dwellings and clusters extend from this.

The three valleys are retained as common open spaces. A number of  recreational walking trails and circuits are included within this managed landscape. These trails pass by a number of social nodes, included in these are a variety of large orchards, playing fields, a tennis court, viewing areas, all available for the lot owners. The valley floors in addition are typically water capture area where wetlands and ponds are featured.


A strong focus of Endsleigh Park is to maintain a strong, sustainable social environment, within a balanced functioning ecological framework. The intent of this project is to provide a rural-residential lifestyle option that treads lightly on the land, of a type that will assist a sense of community to develop.